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Chairperson & Program Coordinator of AMSEM 2018 
Head of Emergency Department & Consultant Emergency Physician
Leprosy Hospital, Kediri, East Java Province, Indonesia. 
Email: hanarani_71@yahoo.com

Berada dalam suatu untaian permata Katulistiwa membawa Indonesia menjadi negara yang sangat beragam terutama dalam alam dan mahluk hidupnya. Begitu banyak jumlah hewan dan tanaman di Indonesia menjadikan kekayaan ini suatu mukjijat luar biasa. Berbagai problema muncul saat kita menyadari bahwa ada banyak kondisi yang sudah merubah kekayaan itu. Ekosistem yang rusak membuat masalah pada mahluk hidup termasuk manusia. Perubahan gaya hidup manusia dan modernisasi yang tidak seimbang membuat pelbagai problema alam dan lingkungan berubah. 

Sebagai negara yang agraris dan mempunyai pantai dan laut yang terbesar di asia tenggara, Indonesia mempunyai problema yang komplek. Puluhan tahun gigitan ular dan hewan-hewan laut berbisa menjadi masalah yang terabaikan di Indonesia. Jutaan korban terpaksa harus meninggal karena ketidak mengertian masyarakat akan penanganan awal atau first aid dan pengobatan yang tidak ada. 

Seminar ini bertujuan memberikan pencerahan ditengah kegelapan ketidak mengertian masyarakat dan tenaga medis akan cara bagaimana bisa menolong para penderita penyakit akibat gigitan ular dan hewan-hewan laut berbisa dan beracun. . Saya berharap seminar internasional ini akan memberi dampak yang nyata dan era baru untuk penanganan awal dan perawatan klinikal yang benar serta optimal bagi mangsa gigitan ular dan hewan laut di Indonesia.

Being a jewel of the Equator, Indonesia is a very diverse country, especially in its nature and living creatures. The sheer abundance and diversity of animals and plants in Indonesia makes this wealth an extraordinary miracle. However, we realized that there are many conditions that have changed the well-being of this wealth leading to various problems. Degraded ecosystems create problems for various living creatures including humans. Changes in our lifestyles and unbalanced modernization resulted in various natural and environmental problems.

As an agricultural country with the longest coast in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has a complex problem.  For decades, bites and stings from venomous snakes and  marine animals have been a neglected problem in Indonesia . Millions of victims were forced to loose their lives due to ignorance of the appropriate first aid and non-existence of the definitive treatment.

This seminar aims to provide an enlightenment amid the darkness from the lack of knowledge and understanding in the society and medical personnel on how to help people with diseases caused by snakebites and venomous and poisonous marine animals.. I hope this international seminar will have a real impact and bring a new era for the appropriate and optimal initial and clinical management for snakebite and marine animals patients in Indonesia.

Dr Ahmad Khaldun Ismail 
MBBCh, BAO, BMedSc, DrEmMed
President of MST
Program Director of AMSEM
Founding Consultant, Remote Envenomation Consultancy ServicesDepartment of Emergency Medicine, Hospital Chanselor Tuanku Muhriz, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Welcome to the 5th International Symposium on ASEAN (Advanced) Marine animals envenoming/poisoning and Snakebite Envenoming Management (AMSEM) @ Yogyakarta, Indonesia! I am proud to announce that this is the first AMSEM to be hosted in another ASEAN country besides Malaysia. This signals the significant growth and importance of AMSEM initiative. Envenoming and poisoning from Marine animals and snakes are not well understood by many healthcare providers. Inappropriate clinical management are still practiced by many doctors, especially medical consultants and specialists. Clinical management of animal bites and stings were largely based on anecdotal or dubious claims, which have been passed down from generations to generations of healthcare providers and students. These have significantly influenced the clinical management of envenoming and poisoning by natural toxins resulting in unfavorable or poor outcome and higher treatment cost. It is therefore very important to stop and reverse this vicious cycle. And the best way is through reeducation and dissemination of knowledge based on solid and current scientific evidence.

The theme "BITTEN BY RARE BEAUTIES"  was initially used for a series of short Continuous Medical Education (CME) lectures in 2008. It was delivered to medical students and healthcare providers at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC). Over a short period of time we realized that there were far more serious issues with regards to envenoming and poisoning from toxins in Malaysia. It was realized that this problem needed to be addressed at a higher level or platform. 

AMSEM was born following this increasing demand and pressing need for a more comprehensive session and platform to discuss and debate on the wide variety of issues pertaining to envenoming and poisoning from marine animals and snakes. AMSEM was first organised in UKM Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur as an international workshop in 2012. This vibrant and exciting international workshop, forum and symposium has since gained a respectable level of confidence and achieved significant transformative outcomes in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.

It is important for us to acknowledge the challenges that we face in providing the best care to our patients. I hope we can generate a better understanding of these issues and work together to improve the situation in our countries. I believe we will continue to strengthen the bond and establish more collaborative projects at this meeting. This sense of togetherness and friendship has always been the spirit and foundation of AMSEM initiative. 

There is no doubt in my mind that AMSEM 2018 Yogyakarta will be a success and further enhance the appreciation of the science of toxinology, the beauty and diversity of our wildlife, and the importance of conservation efforts. I hope all delegates of AMSEM 2018 Yogyakarta will find this meeting enjoyable, rewarding and inspiring. Do take this opportunity to obtain as much information from our respectable Faculty and Advisory members and share your own experiences and knowledge. 

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank MST and AMSEM 2018 Yogyakarta Secretariat for their commitment and hard work to ensure the success of this symposium. My deepest appreciation to all Faculty members, Advisory members, supporters and sponsors for the generous contributions. This meeting will not materialize without their support. Thank you and enjoy all the wonderful things Yogyakarta has to offer!